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How do you use SUM() in VBA?

Here’s an example where you know the exact range you want to sum, as in the following illustration. To add Sum functions for columns F and G use the following code: Sub SumExample1() Range("F15").Value = WorksheetFunction.Sum(Range("F2:F14")) Range("G15").Value =...

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Using Extend Selection Mode in Word

Extend Selection Mode is a keyboard method of anchoring the cursor before you select text. Pressing F8 turns it on and and pressing any arrow keys at that point will select text from the anchor point in that direction. In the following illustration the anchor point is...

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Conditional Statistics in Excel

If you're an Excel user, you've probably used the SUM function. It's fairly simple. The following formula returns the sum of all values in the range of cells in Column A from rows 4 through 1799: =Sum(A4:A1799) Sometimes you need to sort your data before you can get...

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