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Using Extend Selection Mode in Word

Extend Selection Mode is a keyboard method of anchoring the cursor before you select text. Pressing F8 turns it on and and pressing any arrow keys at that point will select text from the anchor point in that direction. In the following illustration the anchor point is...

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How do I create a Drop Cap in Word?

A drop cap is the first letter of a paragraph that is much larger than the surrounding text. Drop caps are traditionally used in printed books, newspaper articles, and also web pages. A drop cap can be sized so that is as large as the first few lines of text. Here is...

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Can I delete dictionary entries in Word?

You can edit the list of words in the dictionary.  Access Word Options and select the Proofing tab. From the Proofing tab click on Custom Dictionaries... and the dialog box will open.  Highlight the CUSTOM.DIC and click on Edit Word List... Find the word you want to...

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