Microsoft Office Solutions

VBA Programming

Save Time —
Automate Your Processes

Almost any action that you or an employee can perform manually with an Office application can be automated with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).  For example, in Word, VBA can create a document, add text to it, format it, and edit it.  In Excel, data can be integrated from multiple workbooks into a single workbook. In PowerPoint, a custom presentation can be created including the latest data drawn from a variety of sources.  And in Access new tables can be created and populated with data.

VBA performs actions faster, more accurately, more reliably, and far more cheaply than any human.  And you can take it far beyond the range of actions that any human user can perform.

Beyond automating actions you would otherwise perform manually, VBA allows you to create user interfaces – message boxes, input boxes, and user forms, graphical objects that create forms and custom dialog boxes.

Let Chelsea Data Management create a customized solution for you that can be used over and over, saving you and your company time and money.

A Few Examples