Try pasting this code (in blue) into the VBA editor.

Then run the macro called EmptyRowDelete


Public Sub EmptyRowDelete()

Dim myTable As Table, myRow As Range, myCell As Cell, Counter As Long, _
TextInRow As Boolean, NumRows As Long

Set myTable = Selection.Tables(1)
Set myRow = myTable.Rows(1).Range
NumRows = myTable.Rows.Count

For Counter = 1 To NumRows

     StatusBar = “Row ” & Counter
     TextInRow = False

     For Each myCell In myRow.Rows(1).Cells
          If Len(myCell.Range.Text) > 2 Then
               TextInRow = True
               Exit For
          End If
     Next myCell

     If TextInRow Then
             Set myRow = myRow.Next(wdRow)
     End If
Next Counter

End Sub