You’ve had this problem, right?  You type on the underscored line but the underscore moves and then you’ve got to underline what you just typed.  Then you need to delete some of the underscores.

Here’s an example of the first part of a legal document done the usual way, with underscores.

As soon as you start typing, this is what happens:

This is obviously a pain. But there’s a much simpler way.  You can create a one-line table and use separate columns for sections that need to be typed into.

Here’s the same information as a table.  You can see the gridlines now, but won’t when you’re done.

Now all you have to do is place bottom borders in the second and fourth columns and turn off the gridline display.

Now you can type onto the lines with no problem.

Here’s another example of using a table for signatures:

If you click on View Gridlines, it looks like this:

You can copy and paste any of these and use them again with little modification. No more deleting underscores!