If you’ve been consistent with your headings and applied Heading 1, for example, for each chapter heading, you can assign the Chapter Name to a field.

Click in your footer where you want the page numbers.

Access the Fields dialog box – depending on your version. Here it’s by selecting Insert > Quick Parts and choosing Field.

Now look for the StyleRef field in the Field names: list. When you find it, select Heading 1 from the Style name: list.

Click on OK. You will notice that the current chapter name is in the footer. Now enter a dash (or some other separator) and insert the page number at the current position.

If you want to restart numbering at every chapter, you can create a new section for each chapter.

Here’s another version. If you want the chapter name at the left, and the page number at the right just tab over within the footer and add the page number separately.