I’ll share something I’ve done a few times when I really wanted to include an image that was too large for the page.  Try grabbing the image and shrinking it while constraining the size (with the shift key) until it’s narrow enough to fit on one page.  You’ll have to do this from the top left pulling down.

Select the shrunken image and copy it as is to the next page.  Now you have two versions of the same image.  On the first version, select the image and on the Picture Tools Format tab click on Crop.

Once you click on the Crop command, a set of black bars appears on the edges and in the corners of your image.

Grab the image from the bottom and push up to crop away the lower half of the image.  The part of the image that you’re cropping will appear darker.

When you let go, the lower part of the image will be cropped.

Grab the lower right hand corner of the image and with the shift key depressed to constrain the size, widen the image to fill the page at the new size.

Now go the second image and crop that one from the top going the other way.  When you’ve cropped the top part off, resize it to fill the page.  Your large image is now on two pages.

I’ve actually had images that needed to be split onto 4 pages. The steps were the same. Just shrink the original until it fits on one page and then copy it 3 times to subsequent pages. Now crop accordingly until you have 4 comfortably sized images that you can see.

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  1. Souvik Panda

    This was soo helpful in doing my project. Thank you very much!!


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